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Make money with self-service kiosks in UAE

Earn more money with uPay automated self-service kiosks

uPay offers to large and small business effective solution for bill payment collection in the UAE.


uPay payments service offers to service providers durable solution that lets them automate and increase cash collection

Benefits for Service Providers

We offer to service providers reliable solution that allows to automate payment collection and provide consumers a new convenient channel for payments almost in any part of the UAE.


Reduce your costs and increase your customers loyalty with our payment service


Self-service kiosk efficiency

Automated payment kiosk lets you drastically reduce your business expenses:

  • It takes only 1 sq. meter to install a kiosk;
  • Each kiosk replace 2-3 regular POS-devices;
  • Self-service kiosks can operate 24/7 without any stuff assistance.

Simple maintenance of the kiosks

  • uPay top-up kiosks are completely autonomous, monitoring and supervision can be done remotely and online;
  • Transaction verification and accounting procedure are done automatically.

Advertising opportunities of the kiosks

  • While processing payments kiosks are gently introducing and promoting new services to clients.

Benefits for paying agents

Automated self-service kiosks for payment collection are widespread in Russia and other CIS countries. uPay kiosk network successfully operates in Russia for 5 years. Two years ago uPay team managed to deploy similar business in the UAE. Now we can offer to our russian colleagues, as well as other active businessman to discover new markets.

Self-service payments business is just starting in the UAE, but it's highly sought after here. Some kiosk networks operate in the UAE, so the customers are familiar with the kiosk services and duly appreciate comfort of instant payments. However the market is not fully developed. There is a lot of profitable places to install payment kiosks. Average kiosk service fee in UAE is 5%, that is significantly higher than in Russia. 

We invite all businessman to take advantage of the new promising niche and make money with us.


The UAE is a prosperous country where your income will not be affected by the currency weakening and economic instability.

Benefits for retailers and store owners

Why is it beneficial for retailers to install a kiosk?

uPay self-service kiosk placed in your store attracts new customers and therefore increases your income. Partnership with uPay allows you to cooperate with big telecommunication companies and other well-known service providers, whose clients become also yours. uPay kiosks are completely autonomous and don’t require any staff attendance.

Kiosk installation doesn’t require any expenses from store’s owner, neither financial or time expenditure as a result brings clear profit in the form of rental payments for the spot and other benefits as well business development and client’s network expansion. uPay payments service is developing rapidly and we are open for any business cooperation. We are able to place our kiosks in a high attendance spot in business centers or shopping malls, hyper and super markets etc.


Attract more customers and generate more revenue from the installation of a uPay payment kiosk in your point of sale.