To clients Want to know more about uPay service?

Want to know more about uPay service?

How the transactions are held in uPay payment service?

Most of our customers have no idea how the uPay payments are processed. What way does your money go through before it is credited to your account?

To make sure that payment is successful the payer who using a kiosk should have an understanding of the money transaction process. From the moment he deposited his money to the kiosk to the top up of his account.

Bellow you can see simplified uPay transaction scheme.

simplified diagram of the funds movement in uPay system

After the user chose desired service on the screen of the kiosk and deposited money in the cash dispenser, the information of transaction transfers by built in modem to uPay processing service, which automatically processes it and sends it to the uPay bank account ( owner’s account). From that bank account deducts money sum equal in value of a payment made by user at the kiosk. 
Deducted money sum credited to the users account or organization which service user paid off.

Information about cleared (received) payment transferred to the uPay processing center. Kiosk prints the receipt that confirms the fact of made operation. All the procedure takes split-seconds, because its made in automatic mode, without human input. By virtue of the absence of human factor as well as fault-tolerant software and hardware we achieved instant smooth and uninterrupted payments processing.