For Service Providers

If your company provides services and is interested in providing its customers with a convenient and affordable payment service, we invite you to collaborate with uPay.
By integration of your payment services to uPay Self Service Payment Kiosks you can offer your customers a reliable and secure payment service that allows you to gain loyalty of your customers, optimize your costs and increase profits.
Our Self Service Payment Kiosks are fully automated, available for your clients 24/7 and doesn't inquire any assistance from your employees.

Get payments with no delays,
increase revenue and conquer new markets!

Рrofitability and Efficiency

Get new customers and increase profits at zero cost!

You will need just 1 square meter to install the terminal

Each uPay machine replaces 2-3 POS-terminal (a device for bank card payments) operators

Self-Service kiosks work 24/7 with no staff effort involved

uPay kiosks work autonomously and are controlled remotely

Transactions are verified automatically

Customers learn about new services and products while working with uPay terminals

For Payment Agents

Payment Agents may be interested in uPay’s experience in the CIS countries and the Middle East, where the business of automated payment acceptance terminals is thriving. We offer our Russian and foreign colleagues the opportunity to win new markets, such as UAE. Automated payment business in UAE is only at a developing stage and very promising - payment terminals are in high demand.

For UAE citizens and guests of the country payment terminals are no longer an innovation, they are already using the services and fully-appreciate the benefits of instant payments. There is still a broad potential for development: cities have enough vacant places to install payment kiosks. We offer a profitable business in a prosperous economically developed country. Service Providers in UAE offer a 5% commission, which is significantly higher than the remuneration of Russian operators.

Do Business in economically developed country,
explore a promising market and get high revenue!

For Retailers and Store Owners

Partnership with uPay will help Retailers and Store Owners to attract new customers and increase profits. The owners of commercial premises get potential buyers as well as receive a net income from the rent for the kiosk space.

It is important to note that the installation of the kiosks does not imply any costs to the retailer. uPay terminal maintenance is fully automated and doesn’t require the involvement of store employees.

Get new customers and increase profits at zero cost!